Pull-Tab sales generate billions of dollars each year for charities. Pollard Charitable Games Group is a leader in providing break-open tickets to charitable gaming and lottery markets across North America and the globe.


Pollard Charitable Games Group is a leader within the bingo market. From standard paper, to patterns, to specialty games, our bingo paper line can cover all bases.


Pollard Charitable Games Group’s electronic ticket games offer vibrant game graphics, interactive extended play features, unique math models, and more reasons for patrons to stay and play in social establishments.

Vending Machines

Pollard Charitable Games Group’s innovative and interactive ticket dispensers are the ideal products for social establishments, supporting retailers in all areas of their business: driving retail traffic, increasing length of stay, and retaining customers. 


Pollard Charitable Games Group creates and maintains new revenue channels for lotteries. Its library of pull-tabs, electronic pull-tabs, ITVMs, and online games are designed to generate more money for the good causes that each lottery supports, more revenue to retailers, and more excitement to players.