Serving Lottery Customers to raise more money for good causes.

Pollard Charitable Games Group specializes in pull-tabs, electronic pull-tabs, ITVMs, and online games all designed to engage lottery players in various retail environments.

Pollard Charitable Games Group’s innovative and interactive solutions are the ideal products for social establishments, supporting retailers in all areas of their business: driving retail traffic, increasing length of stay, and retaining customers.


The LT-3 is an ITVM that scans each pre-printed ticket, displays the result in an entertaining format on a video screen, and dispenses it to the player. Video graphics and sounds add entertainment, but have no effect on the ticket result. The ticket types available include a variety of pull-tab and scratch ticket styles.


NexPlay™ is the next play in ticket dispensing. It’s designed with the same functionality as the LT-3, but with added features and capabilities, including the ability to sell draw games.


The MAXIM™ pull-tab vending machines offer the ultimate in speed, capacity, simplicity, flexibility, and security.


easyVEND™ makes it easy for players to purchase, and retailers to sell, instant lottery games in multi-lane retail environments.


We are committed to offering our lottery customers the most secure and marketable pull-tab tickets available today. We support this commitment with winning game concepts, advanced printing equipment, and unsurpassed standards for quality assurance.

Pollard Banknote is dedicated to delivering on three key dimensions for success:  Outstanding Games that excite loyal players and attract new ones, Retail Excellence through effective in-store strategies and retail network expansion, and Digital Innovation that cultivates a true omnichannel experience.  Click here to learn more about Pollard Banknote.

Pollard Banknote has been rooted in the print industry since 1907 and has grown exponentially since its beginnings with strategic acquisitions and a joint venture partnership which further strengthen its offerings in each of these dimensions.