The Best Games!

Pollard Charitable Games Group offers its eTabs to social establishments in several charitable gaming markets. Our eTabs feature vibrant game graphics, interactive extended play features and unique math models, which drives revenues for our customers.

eTabs Cabinets & Tablets

Increase revenue, simplify operations, and modernize the sale of pull-tabs with our electronic pull-tab product – eTabs! eTabs are a wholly-electronic solution that meets all state requirements, is state-approved, and lab certified.

The electronic pull-tab tablet, LuckyTabs™, allows players to buy electronic pull-tab tickets from the comfort of their seat. eTabs feature a user friendly POS with automated daily reports and paperless cash accounting.

Titanium™ boasts a tried-and-true electronic pull-tab dispenser experience. Customizable with a 32” or 43” HD display and brilliant full-color cabinet lighting allows for more immersion and more excitement!

For the elite experience, we have ICON™, which features a sleek, curved 49” monitor, mesmerizing lights and sounds, and an illuminated, ergonomic i-deck panel. With its grand presence, smooth curves, and fine details, it is unmistakably iconic.

Game Design Experts

From concept to creation, our in-house team of talented artists and designers develop our ever-growing library of compelling content. Our artists take a holistic approach to design, often developing a story concept for each theme, to ensure all of the graphical elements come together in a cohesive manner.

Pollard Charitable Games Group has a vast library of game titles developed in-house. The enticing graphics, unique math models, and interactive features of our games generate engagement, anticipation, and enthusiasm in our players.