Who We Are

The Pollard Charitable Games Group combines the innovative gaming products and solutions of American Games, International Gamco and Diamond Game. Together, we offer an extensive product line that serves charitable gaming and lottery markets around the world.

Our clients have access to a wide spectrum of gaming products and services including pull-tab tickets (break-open tickets), bingo paper, pull-tab vending machines, and innovative electronic pull-tab gaming solutions.

We are leaders in the charitable gaming and lottery industry having pioneered many of the most popular pull-tab and bingo play styles that are common in the industry today, including: criss cross play, event games, progressive games, video verification, patented electronic pull-tab dispensers and hand-held electronic pull-tab gaming systems.

History & Expertise

The Pollard Charitable Games Group leverages the leadership and expertise in charitable and Lottery gaming. Our longevity, and unique combination of gaming solutions, make the Pollard Charitable Games Group the partner of choice for charities and lotteries around the world.

The Pollard Charitable Games Group is part of the Pollard Banknote Limited family of companies.

Pollard Banknote has been rooted in the print industry since 1907 and has grown exponentially since its beginnings. With the addition of the charitable gaming division, Pollard Banknote is able to further strengthen its offerings in three key dimensions for success: outstanding games, retail excellence, and digital innovation. We are uniquely positioned to provide leadership in the Charitable Gaming industry by providing innovative thinking and exciting, revenue-generating games and services to our customers.

All our products, marketing strategies, and related services are designed to elevate the player experience, with the express goal of raising more money for good causes.

Our People

The Pollard Charitable Games Group is comprised of intelligent individuals who drive the innovation behind everything we do – our technology, creative process, problem solving, and team-oriented approach to serving our customers.

format_quote“As leaders, our goal is to bring out the best in our team members and achieve success together in our work place. We view our customers as partners in our industry, and make decisions within the business to support that partnership.  We welcome change and eagerly seize opportunities to set new standards in our industry.“
Pete Svendgard
V.P. Sales and Marketing
format_quote“I have been with American Games for 25 years. I started out as a production leader and currently schedule Bingo printing and production. I value the family-oriented culture of American Games; it started back in 1985 with the Harters, and continues on today with the Pollards.”
Mike Davis
Bingo Scheduler
format_quote“I started with American Games 34 years ago as a Graphic Designer. My current position is Design Coordinator. While I no longer get to design ticket art, I really enjoy the challenge of creating the grids and templates the artists use to do their jobs and following through to make sure their work gets to the next step. My favorite part of working at American Games has to be that whatever challenges come up we work as a team to find solutions to get the job done.”
Julie England
Design Coordinator
format_quote“I’m a Lead Artist at Diamond Game. I have been with the company since 2017. The thing I value the most about Diamond Game is how much Diamond Game values me. Prior to joining the company, it was difficult to grasp my sense of worth as an artist. With Diamond Game, I have finally found a family that values my contributions. I feel like a branch adding an extension to a fruitful tree full of many branches.”
James L. Morrison
Lead Artist
format_quote“Here in the Pressroom at Diamond Game, we as a team have implemented some initiatives that have made a positive impression on the culture of our team. First, we implemented a “War on Waste”; this was to lower our overconsumption of consumables. Next, the team came up with a concept of “Nothing gets past the Twenty”; this was to curb our defect ratio which took us from 30 defects to zero defects within two years. There was a lot of collaborative effort and camaraderie involved as a team to accomplish this.”
Chris Neeley
Pressroom Manager